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How do you choose an Engagement Ring?

Diamonds & Gemstones come in all shapes and sizes, so which one is right for you?
There are lots of things to consider when taking the plunge and looking for the perfect engagement ring.
Like, how much should you spend? Different traditions suggest that when a man buys an engagement ring he should spend between 2 - 3 months wages, however it’s more important for you to have a budget that suits you, and stick to it. You should remember though, that your future Fiancée will be wearing her engagement ring forever, so try to get the best you can afford.


How do you choose the right ring?
Before you start looking for a ring, try to take a few clues from your partner.
Do they wear jewellery already? And if they do what kind of style is it?
One important thing to take note of is whether the jewellery your partner wears is white or yellow metal. If they like classic understated jewellery try to pick something along those lines; if they like big flashy jewellery try to go for something as close to that as your budget allows!
Try to think about whether your partner has dropped some subtle (or in most cases not so subtle!) hints as to the kind of ring they want.


Do you want to go for a traditional single diamond ring? Have you thought about the shape of the diamond that you want? The most popular shape for a diamond is the Round Brilliant cut, closely followed by the Princess cut; but there are many others to choose from, such as the Oval, or Emerald cut. 
You may have thought about something with 3 stones, or even a coloured diamond or Gemstone? 

Unusual Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Yellow Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring
Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or have no idea where to start; our team at Clearwater Diamonds are full of advice and experience; and are more than happy to help guide you through the decisions you need to make, to ensure you end up with the perfect ring that will get you brownie points for life!
We have a huge selection of rings already made up for you to choose from, all of our rings are made in the jewellery quarter, and feature diamonds which are picked only after being examined by our In-house fully qualified diamond grader, to ensure that they are up to our very high standards.


If you want to go for something a little different, we carry numerous ranges of designer engagement rings that you won’t find anywhere else in the area, these ranges include Henrich & Denzel, Niessing, and Paul Spurgeon.


If after viewing our extensive range you still can’t find what you are looking for, make an appointment with our In-store designer, who will be able to help you create your perfect ring, using a loose diamond hand chosen by yourself. You can even view a wax model of the ring before the actual ring is made to make sure you are happy with it; as we are fully aware it can be difficult to imagine how the final piece will look, and we’re sure you will agree, it’s worth making a little more effort to end up with the perfect ring. How could she say no?!

Blue Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring
Unusual Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring
Aquamarine & Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring

Understanding the Four C's of Diamonds

There is so much to consider when choosing the perfect diamond, including the four C's, but there are also many other factors to consider; it can become a bit of a minefield of information.

Here is a bit about the different factors of the 4 C's of diamonds to try & make things a little easier to understand however you can rest assured that all of our diamonds and gemstones are hand picked in house by our qualified Diamond Grader & Gemmologist to ensure that we only choose the very best stones. We only choose diamonds backed by the three most trusted grading laboratories - GIA, IGI & HRD, so you can have the added peace of mind about your special purchase.

We understand that buying an engagement ring can be quite a daunting task, so whether you want to make an appointment to visit us in store, or give us a call to help answer any questions you have, please do.


Cut is the only one of the 4 c’s that is influenced by the human hand; the other 3 are all created by the natural formation of the diamond in the earth. When a diamond is cut perfectly the facets are arranged in precise formations and proportions, this is what gives the diamond a fantastic fire & sparkle as the light going through the diamond can perform to its best. Only a skilled craftsman can bring out the true brilliance in a diamond.

At Clearwater we only choose the diamonds which have the best cut, to make sure that you get the most impressive diamond when you choose to make that special purchase.



Carat is often confused with size, but it is actually a measurement of weight.
The cut of a diamond can make it appear to be larger or smaller than its weight would make you think.

It’s often assumed that a 1.00ct diamond costs twice as much as a 0.50ct diamond, however this isn't the case. Because diamonds as large as 1.00ct are much rarer than a diamond of 0.50ct, this is reflected in the price, and you should expect to pay at least 3 times more for a 1.00ct diamond than a 0.50ct diamond of the same quality.


The colour of a diamond is the one thing that you can see instantly, you don’t need magnification to see if a diamond is brilliantly white. D colour is the whitest possible in a diamond, it’s also rarest, and because of that is more expensive than other white diamonds. A white diamond is classed as H colour, therefore anything above this is brighter than white.

At Clearwater we recommend that you choose a diamond from D to G colour to ensure that you have the whitest brightest diamond possible.

White diamonds are the most popular choice, but they also come in an array of natural fancy colours. The most popular choices for a fancy coloured diamond are yellow, and pink; however they come in every colour. Choosing a fancy coloured diamond is one way of making your engagement ring stand out.




A diamonds clarity is a measure of the natural blemishes inside a diamond, that occurred when the diamond was created inside the Earth.
Clearwater recommends that you choose a clarity between IF, and VS2. This means that any inclusions that are inside the diamond aren't visible to the naked eye, and won’t affect the performance of the light inside the diamond, meaning you get all the fire and sparkle possible from your diamond.