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Our Promise

At Clearwater Diamonds we aim to provide the quality of service & products possible. 

All Clearwater Diamonds jewellery is made within The Jewellery Quarter to the highest quality.
Any diamonds & gemstones used are scrutinised by our in house Diamond Grader & Gemmologist to ensure they meet our exacting standards. In addition to having stones checked we only use certificated diamonds that have been graded by the very best and most respected grading laboratories in the world - GIA, IGI & HRD.

Only the finest stones become part of our jewellery.

We always recommend bringing items back to us periodically so that we can check the stones are as secure as possible & make sure that your jewellery can last a lifetime.
Any scratches, or scuffs can be polished away, stones re-tightened & Pearls re-strung. 

Working with some of the best known jewellery brands in the world means you can have the confidence that you are purchasing a quality piece of jewellery or fine Swiss watch.

We are proud to be a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths.

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